Why AVEDA’s Pure Abundance line is the best!

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Posted on: Mar 19 2013
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pure abundance aveda product I love all Aveda products, but Pure Abundance is by far my favorite.

It makes my fine hair feel so much thicker and more voluminous. It contains acacia gum from Africa and kaolin clay from England. Plus, it smells amazing.

I love how unlike other style preps, the Pure Abundance style prep can be applied to damp or dry hair.

My favorite Pure Abundance product is the hair potion.

After tapping a small amount onto the hair, instant volume is given. It’s a life saver for those with flat, limp hair in desperate need of volume.

The Pure Abundance line has definitely been my best purchase so far and I recommend it to almost all of my guests with fine hair!

Blog post by AVEDA Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Paige White

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