An Esthetician’s Choice of Aveda Products

I have 5 favorite Aveda products that work for oily and blemish prone skin to keep the skin clear and radiant. Once I started using these products myself, my family and friends noticed how smooth and healthy my skin looked! I have recommended them to clients and friends that now love them too!

First, to cleanse the face, the Outer Peace foaming cleanser is great to remove oil and deep clean without the feeling that it is stripping the skin of hydration and it does not result in dry, dull skin like so many other comparable products leave the skin.

After washing, I recommend Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant to further remove and dulling surface cells, and it does so in a gentle way that doesn’t irritate the skin. After a clean slate, it is important to moisturize, even if you have oily skin, so that overly excessive oil production doesn’t become triggered.

For the entire face, Botanical Kinetics Hydrating lotion leaves skin so soft and the lotion soaks in very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film. You can apply makeup right over it almost immediately.

Around the eyes is more delicate and can easily become dry and flaky in the corners which can make fine lines even more visible so I choose Green Science Firming Eye Cream, which also is quickly absorbed to nourish the skin and reduce the fine lines.

And lastly, especially for the Florida girls who love the sun, the Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Lotion helps tremendously on dark spots caused by sun damage to correct discoloration and has anti-oxidants to nourish skin to bring out radiance.

Of course, there are tons of other great products in the various lines Aveda has created, and everyone’s skin has different needs, but these few are must haves!