Tips from the AVEDA Salon

  • What type of hair style would you suggest for a job interview?

A job interview can be stressful at times. You definitely should choose a hairstyle you feel comfortable in. A clean and slick look will give you plenty of confidence without shocking your future employer.

  • What products would you suggest for damaged hair?

Damaged hair needs gentle products that can also repair the hair structure and appearance. Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner will give you a head start to help you get the beautiful hair you love. You can use Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, by applying it on damp hair and comb to distribute. It will instantly repair damaged hair by 26%. For long lasting boost of moisture I recommend using Intensive Restructuring Treatment.

  • How do you like to accessorize your and your guest’s hair?

Cute bobby pins and different shapes of hair clips are great accessories for any occasion and outfit. Flower shaped pins and clips are in this summer.

  • What type of hair style do you recommend for budget-conscious guests?

A clean, long-layered cut is perfect for guests that are budget-conscious. This look is easy to maintain. It is recommended that you reshape the cut by visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks to maintain the layers. Go layers!

  • What tips do you have to avoid summertime sun damage to your hair?

Maintaining moisture balance during sun exposure is very important. Use Sun Care Protective Hair Veil spray before going outside, it will minimize color fading, damage and dryness for up to 16 hours. For more desired sun protective products, you may also use Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser, as well as After-Sun Hair Masque.