Hottest Hairstyles of Summer 2011

This summer is scorching hot and so are the trends! 2011 has been blessed with some awesome hair styles to keep us at our best all summer long. This year, braids are making a huge comeback.

The classic French braid is making an unexpected reappearance as ladies make their way to the beaches and volleyball courts. They’re a no-fuss and easy way to keep cool and still look polished no matter what you’re doing.

For the more adventurous, a fish tail braid could be the answer to your summer wishes. When pulled to the side it creates a casual and fun look, you’re sure to love.

Another classic look comes from loose beachy waves worn with a bohemian head band. Recently, Vanessa Hudgens has been well known for making this style popular.

For the business types this season, a polished chignon is really raising the professional bar. Pulled back and smooth this look says, “I mean business” while still looking as lovely as ever. It’s one of our best beauty school recommendations!

A lot of people are living on the wild side this summer and getting an asymmetrical bob. Its a great solution for staying cool with a dangerous edge and we’re seeing a lot of it here at the AVEDA school in Miami. While many people may shy away from this new look, you’d be amazed as to how flattering it can be for many face shapes.

I’m even more impressed and fascinated with the new feather hair extensions I’ve seen slowly setting the latest trend. It’s a great nature inspired look that I hope to see a lot more people wearing this summer!