The 5 Hottest Hairstyles for Summer

What are the 5 hottest hairstyles for the summer of 2011, you ask? There are so many hairstyles that look good but what looks amazing? What is in? Let’s pick the top 5 styles that are eye catching, easy to maintain, and fun & flirty for this hot summer.

The first hairstyle would have to be a graduated cut styled with plenty of volume at the crown and straightened front. This cut has a big angle while being shorter in the back and longer in the front. Plenty have seen this on Victoria Beckham. It’s classy and sassy!

Second, would be long layers styled anyway you like with a beautiful face frame to kick off all the layers and catch all the eyes. Straight, curled, waved, or beveled, it’s the best for someone who likes a lot of movement in their hair.

Third, would be beach waves! What’s a summer without the beach, right? This can be worn anytime of the day, anywhere and can be styled beautifully with AVEDA’s Sun Care line. This line will protect your hair from heat and has UV protection and we all know healthy hair is sexy hair!

Fourth, would be the diffuse. A very easy style that looks really great. You can use AVEDA’s Phomolient right before you diffuse for extra volume and hold.

Fifth, would be the hairstyle most women want, sleek and smooth! AVEDA’s Smooth Infusion line will give you all-day sexy, straight hair. All of these cuts & styles can be done to perfection with AVEDA’s products, depending on the hair type or the look you’re going for and I’m glad I go to the best cosmetology school so I can learn to master them all! Whatever the case may be, you can get the hottest styles for the summer of 2011 in no time.