Get Familiar With AVEDA Beauty Schools Fl

Blog post by beauty school fl student: Schatzi Carlisle

aveda beauty school fl

Not familiar with Aveda? Well, don’t feel too bad because I didn’t know what the Aveda movement was until I toured the institute several months ago.

While on a journey in the attempt to locate the perfect beauty school; it seemed to be almost impossible. Most beauty schools that I’d encountered, indeed offered the program that I was interested in but weren’t distinctive. They all shared the same impersonal approach to cosmetology; they lacked personality.

As I was on my way to a friends house, I spotted the Aveda Institute. It was beautiful! The ambiance immediately sparked my intrigue and I decided to call and schedule a tour.

During the tour, I was taken aback at how much the school resembled a real, functioning hair salon. All the students were proactive while the instructors were very interactive with the students. And they were working with actual people, not just standing around in a state of boredom with mannequins in hand.

To top it off, Aveda is Eco-friendly with all of their products Including color being plant derived and not only great for you but for the environment.