Beauty School Favorite Style to Do for a Guest


Beauty School Blog:

I’m a fan of updos. I feel that they can completely change the whole overall look of each individual person. I used to always have an up-do done on myself. Its like a reflection of myself to show others – whether it be funky or classic or messy.

I feel that they show that you take time for yourself and actually care about your appearance. Most people only do it for certain occasions like prom, weddings, homecoming, etc. But you can change it up a bit. Keep things fun and interesting. I also really like doing curls. They really add just that little bit extra to the overall look.

Cosmetology Blog Post by: Stephanie Lewis

Every girl who is into the latest looks has seen every celebrity wearing buns. Buns are AMAZING and can be so easily transitioned from day to night, casual to glamorous! Here is an easy way of creating the perfect bun, high or low, by using products and tools you probably already have at home.

This technique is called the “Sock Bun.” Your going to start by doing whatever your daily routine is and blow drying it out straight and smooth. Now you need to make the sock bun. Find a pair of socks, size depending on how small or big you want the bun to look. Cut the toes off the ends of both socks then place one inside the other and roll them down, creating the bun itself.

Next decide where on your head you want to position the bun. High Buns are very popular now, but anywhere looks great. Tie your hair into a pony tail using regular hair ties. Now, take the sock bun you made and pull hair the pony tail through the sock bun, sitting it on the head around your band. Brush your hair over the bun covering all parts and place a small rubber band around the hair covering the sock to secure it. A Bun should be created now!!

You will have remaining hair hanging from the bun and you can either braid or twist that hair around the bun, securing with bobby pins. Spray the hair with a hair spray. AVEDA’S Control Force holds this look into place perfectly! Now your ready to hit the road. Sock Buns should only take 10 minutes saving everyone time and stress!!

Cosmetology Blog Post by: Shaina Moody