The Massage Program at Aveda Institutes Beauty Schools

Blog post by Aveda Institutes South student: Susan Holt

Being almost a graduate student here at Aveda, I would have to say I picked the right career and school. The spa program is amazing. I’ve learned more than I did in my nursing program. Starting from the basics to where I am now with the knowledge and skills I have learned from my educators, I have never felt more accomplished and proud to greet my guest and know I will be able to help and relieve my guests in the way I know now. Just knowing all the anatomy; I can distinguish each and every muscle I touch. It’s amazing how massage can make someone feel by just the touch of the hand. Being in this spa program has me taking care of myself better than I had ever before and making others feel better about themselves on the outside and the inside. I love the Aveda spa program and I recommend it to everyone.

Blog post by Aveda Institute St. Petersburg student: kim tabachuk

Here at Aveda Institute they not only offer a hair program but also a spa and skin care program. I am currently enrolled in the hair program and I am about half way done. I love every minute of it! Lately we have been learning a little about the skin as far as skin types (normal, oily, combo) and a few different skin conditions. Its all very interesting to me and I feel like it would be a great addition to my education if I were to learn more about the skin, may even make me a better hair stylist! I have spoken to a few of the spa students and they say that it is a wonderful program and highly recommend it. I think that when I graduate from the hair program here I will enroll in the skin and spa program, maybe even open my own salon one day!