Aveda Hair and Skin Products We Love

I am currently in the second phase, or A1, at Aveda Institute Tallahassee after a 30 year career in healthcare as a nurse. The knowledge I’ve gained about Aveda products and the process in which they are harvested makes me feel so proud to be part of this company. I have used the products for years, but never had a complete understanding of the research that goes into keeping them pure and free of harmful chemicals. Nor the good things that are done for the people and communities from where the plants and flowers are harvested. It’s amazing how much more conscientious I am now of the things I buy, and feed my family! I feel so blessed to be able to have a second career and to be doing what I love and feel so good about the company I represent.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student: Donna Roddenberry

I really like the Brilliant Re-texturing Gel because it leaves my coarse hair with a natural non sticky look. I can also combine it with other products to create different shapes on my hair. One of the products that I like to use with my Brilliant Re-texturing Gel is the Aveda Pure Formance grooming clay to create and define pieces of my hair. The look is still natural and the shine is well balanced because the gel adds shine and the clay is matte. Also the gel has different flower’s oils like chamomile that gives a nice scent and healthy feeling.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida Student: Alfredo Rolon

My favorite Aveda product system is the Damage Remedy line. I have done so many things to my hair in the past and I didn’t know how to help my hair out. Once I started attending Aveda and learning about the products I decided to give them a try. when I started using the shampoo I instantly noticed a huge difference in my hairs appearance. So far I’ve only used the shampoo on myself , but I can tell that the products are great when I use them on the mannequins. when I come back from my trip I will for sure buy another shampoo, along with a conditioner.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Michelle La Rotta