Giving Aveda your ALL

So first off, I love my Spa Intro instructor Ms. Cathy.. She is AMAZING & provides us with a lot of knowledge about everything from our products to what we’re going to run into when we graduate and I’m so grateful to have her as my teacher!!!

Going to Aveda has helped me to get out of my comfort zone in so many different ways and has taught me a lot about myself as well.. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m glad I chose the Aveda Institute as my beauty school!!!


Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: Victoria Saffold

When I first made the life choice to join the Aveda family I didn’t think that I was going to have to give up so much. I work a full time job as a waitress and attend Aveda on the weekends. I thought that working for rent money, football games, and shoes was important to me. Now that I am only working and attending school I now have realized that spa means a lot more to me now then it ever has in my whole life. I have always been very driven, but being a student has opened my eyes to all of the options that I can achieve if I put everything in me into it.

When you make that choice make sure that you put all of your childish ways to the side because Aveda will not put up with it and you will not be the best spa therapist you can be.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: Ramona Dennis