AVEDA Holiday Hair Color and Gift Sets

In my opinion, Aveda is the perfect place to start holiday trends. One of this season’s hottest trends are shades of blue. From scarfs to boots, blue has been a popular color throughout time. I’ve noticed this year, multiple celebrities have been leaning towards the darker shades of hair color with navy and indigo. My favorite color for this season is jet black with a navy undertone.

Aveda products also make perfect gifts for loved ones for the holidays. Hair Services are a great way to freshen up during the holiday season and stay fashionable; and who doesn’t love a new look?

Blog post by Aveda Institute Orlando student: Lindsey Russ

I attend The Aveda Institute, and since beginning at Aveda I have learned that they are some of the most caring and giving individuals around. They have many fundraisers, charities, and events to help all types of people around the world. But recently for the Christmas season approaching Aveda has introduced us to our new holiday gift sets.

These gift sets are handmade by a tribe in Nepal made up of 90% women. These gift sets provide the tribe with enough money to sustain their families, and is a way where they do not have to travel outside of the village. The gift sets contain many great Aveda Products ranging from shampoo, hairspray to lipstick. So this holiday season when shopping just think about how you will be able to provide the Nepal people with income and provide them with more time to spend with their families, all just by purchasing a gift set that will benefit them but also you. You will look and feel amazing thanks to all your great Aveda Products.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Orlando student: Casey Jackson