Aveda Jacksonville Brings a Mountain of Joy to All

Do you have holiday shopping to do? Why not come to your local Aveda school and bring a mountain of joy to more than just your family and friends?

For the fifth year Aveda is offering their holiday gift sets. Each set is wrapped in a handmade and painted gift box or bag. Here’s where the joy for others comes in.

For every gift set you purchase you are helping to sustain a family, even more importantly a community, in Nepal. 2400 families can be together this season because you cared enough to give your family and friends the best. Along with the already wonderful feeling of giving, you also become one of many who helped get 5470 children in school! What’s better than an education? Not much, but the ability to give the parents of those children jobs is up there.

There are about 4975 people, 90% of whom are woman, that became employed and able to take care of their families. For most out brought families back together since the men don’t have to travel for work anymore. As if that wasn’t enough in your good deed department, you’ll also be helping preserve 34000 acres of forest! If that’s not Aveda, I don’t know what is.! So this year, why not get what’s best for the loved ones in you’re life by purchasing a gift set and give the best to families across the world! 🙂

Blog post by Aveda Jacksonville Beauty School student: Yolanda Curtis