Beauty School Tips: Simple Holiday Hairstyle


So its that time of year again, the winter holidays!!

The time for family and friends gatherings and ushering in a new happy, healthy year. Lots of holiday parties and visits are on everyone’s agenda. Here at Aveda, we have a few simple holiday hairstyles for you to try out. The first is an effortless, romantic side chignon. Perfect for evening get togethers without the added fuss.

Start with second day hair, preferably shoulder length. Brush through once with a paddle brush, not too polished though (remember, romantic is slightly messy).

Grab hair at the nape of your neck and gather to one side. Secure hair with an elastic.

Next, separate pony tail into three sections (top, middle, bottom). Take the middle section and lightly tease.

Gather all three sections and begin twisting from base to ends.

Next, begin folding hair around the base until a romantic bun is formed.

Secure all ends and base of bun with multiple bobby pins.

To finish your look, I suggest a misting of Aveda Air Control Hairspray. The scent of this product is amazing and it provides all day humidity protection. Your holiday look is now complete!

Enjoy your festivities and smile, laugh, and love!

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Eddie Moreno