Preparing For Beauty School Success

The difference between my expectations of what beauty school was and what it’s really like, is amazing! I had no idea what it took to become a hair stylist. That being said, I am thrilled with what it really turned out to be. So, if you are a future student and want to make your time at AVEDA worth while please be prepared and educated on what it really means to go to beauty school.

If you have a bad attitude and are not willing to openly except change, you do not like people, or if you do like a boring 9-5 desk job, this is not the industry for you. On the other hand, if you have done your research, you like a very structured, but creative environment, you love working with people and excepting challenges as them come, then AVEDA is the place for you.

If you do choose AVEDA Institute I hope you enjoy your time as much as I have.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: Rochelle Morrow

One way for a beauty school student to prepare for success in the beauty industry is to stay committed and follow through with everything you sought out to do. Studying ahead, exploring research for potential business opportunities, and reaching out to help others with relaxation and wellness.

Several people underestimate the importance of a service industry of wellness and beauty, providing a service to balance the human bodily system is prominent in our society today. Students and practitioners of Aveda fully fathom the significance of bodily wellness because we aim to help maintain the balance within the lives of others.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: Cory Williams