Why I Wanted a Beauty Industry Career

cosmtology school learning education hair rollers I chose a career in the beauty industry, because of my family. I was looking for something to call my own and still make a good life for us. I’m planning on being a salon owner once I graduate in May. This way I can be with me family more. I plan to branch out in my own line of salons after a year being in my own salon first. If you have watched our industries of business the last few years, you’ll find that most of them are going under. On the other hand, beauty salons are still standing. No matter how bad our economy gets, people are still wanting to look good and they are going spend the money to do so. It makes them feel better when they need it when things may be going bad else where in their life. In the beauty industries there are so many opportunities to take, they are endless. So, why not choose a career with so many paths to a dream. – So don’t wait, start today and call Aveda to start your dream like I did 🙂