The Most Sought-After Hair Trends So Far This Year


low pony hair trend style After searching for hours on end for the most sought-after hair trends so far this year, I have deduced that sleek low-ponies and grungy waves will be the most popular this year. I also believe that creative color and short styles will be more prominent. I’m excited to try these for myself and to see them on the runways.

For sleek low-ponies, the Smooth Infusion line would offer the most benefits. After shampooing and conditioning with Smooth Infusion, apply Smooth Infusion style prep and Glossing Straightener to wet/damp hair and blow-dry with a paddle brush. Pull the hair back with an elastic, and use a small amount of Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to tame any fly-aways and add shine.

aveda smooth hair product smooth infusion For grungy, rolled-outta-bed waves, the Pure Abundance line and various styling products would work best. Shampoo and condition with Pure Abundance to create a full look. Apply Pure Abundance style prep and Phomollient. Soft set the hair with a round brush.

When it’s dry, applying minimal amounts of Control Paste to varied pieces of hair will create texture and Hair Potion at the new growth will give lasting lift to the style. Finish with Air Control or Control Force.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee cosmetology student: Kayla Gibson