Tutorial: Professional Application of Lip Color

Aveda Tallahassee’s Spa intro class showcases the correct way to apply professional application of lip color.

Step 1: moisturize using Aveda lip saver.

Step 2: apply lip liner.

Step 3: Blend lip liner onto lips.

Step 4: apply lip color.

Step 5: apply lip glaze.

Step 6: Blot lips to remove the excess product.

Lipstick is the one thing that continues to flourish and help create happiness. When someone puts on a lipstick or glaze it has been known to enhance the mood, not just the appearance, of a person. An example: When a woman puts on a lipstick she feels more confident and happier. So use this and put on a smile.

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Justin Brown, Cory Williams, Denise Martin, Curt Davenport, Destiny Coleson, Emily Miralles, Kori Saunders, Sarah Homestead, Nichole Ray, Shannon Wilson