AVEDA Hair Product Be Curly Review

keep calm and be curly aveda hair products Be Curly is my favorite line. Not only because I like pretty, curly hair, but because it truly works wonders and there are different ways to use it with having beautiful results. For people with very tight spiral curls, there is a style-prep you can use with the curl controller to loosen the curls while still reducing frizz and moisturizing the hair.

If you were to have soft curls or wavy hair you could use the style-prep with the curl enhancer to enhance the curls and make them appear tighter. There is also a curl enhancing hairspray you could use with these products which will help prevent the frizz as well as the style-prep products.

I just love this line and it smells soo good and you can use all these products on wet to damp hair, so it doesn’t even need to be all the way dry so its very wash and go with low maintenance. (: go be curly!

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Alexandra C

be curly hair products aveda hair care Be Curly is a wonderful product. There are 6 products shampoo, conditioner, style prep, curl enhancer, curl controller, curl enhancer hair spray.

When using these products together you can have a wonderful finished look. The shampoo and conditioner have wheat protein in it and the curl enhancer hair spray has wheat protein and babassu oil. The curl enhancer is good for people with wavy hair. Curl enhancer hair spray is my all time favorite because you can spray it in your hair when it wet and be on your way.

It is a great product for moms on the go with curly hair.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Ashley Grates

Be Curly is my favorite line ever! Love how I can just dampen my hair on lazy days and boost my curl or put in the prep and style and then diffuse. My favorite part of the line is the new Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray. It really helps hold my curls with a medium hold all day without my hair looking and feeling crunchy.

I just spray it over braid waves, natural curls, or when my hair is up in a wrap so that when I let it down, I’m left with beautiful, natural looking curls. Yay yay.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Brittany Zetko