Spring Hair and Makeup Tips


Now that spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, it’s time to ditch those deep browns and winter tones in the hair and makeup and brighten them up!

There are plenty of different ways to do so with you hair. You could do a heavy full head of highlights, or even a partial just to brighten up your face and crown area.

Also, you could do color melting or ombre for more of a fashion statement with your hair. A bonus of brightening your hair with more blonde is it also makes you look tanner than you are, and who doesn’t wanna be tan?

For your make up, you could choose shimmer colors vs. a matter shadow or blush. With the slight shimmer in the makeup you would be using it allows the sun to slightly reflect off of it, giving you that sun kissed look with your skin.

Spring Makeup Tips

Be sure not to over do the shimmer though, or you can look like you dumped a bucket of glitter all over you in the sun, and nobody wants to be a Cullen. Also, change up the darker shades you’re using and go more towards a lighter shade of that color. Even a light brown is more brightening to the face vs. a deep chocolate brown.

These are just a few tips to brighten up for the up coming seasons. Good Luck 🙂

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Alexandra Crump