Updo Hairstyles Perfect For Prom

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Updo Prom Hair Styles
It’s officially prom season! With the books completely filled with updos, pedicures, and makeup applications, I was honored to have Elisa Gomez come in for her prom makeover.

Elisa had shown me multiple images of ideas she had, and after much deliberation we had chosen a nice side updo filled with curls.

Seeing Miss Gomez had hair down to her lower back, I knew I would need a lot of hairspray and hairpins! I started taking small sections of the hair and misting it with Air Control for a light prep hold.

After I took the curling iron to her hair, I gave a top layer coat of Control Force to really hold the curl.

air control and control force hair spray from aveda After getting everything pinned up and in place just the way Elisa wanted, we dusted the whole head with Witch Hazel Hair Spray for the final hold.

Elisa had told me that her dress was a mint green color so she wanted her makeup to correspond with that. Overcome with joy, I knew that I got to use the new Spring Makeup collection!

After giving Elisa everything she came in for today, I have her a huge hug and sent her off for a night full of fun. She got my cellphone number so she can send me photos from tonight and also come get her hair done before she heads off to FSU!

Blog post from Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Buddy Chambers Updo Prom Hair Styles