Tired of Braids? Try A Hair Knot


Hair knot how to As the summer comes to an end, parents and professionals alike are looking for innovative ways to pull up their hair. Braids are fun but, knots are an old trick coming back in fall 2013. Knots create texture and although they look complicated, are a simple way create a unique look!

Step1: Smooth out the hair with a light pomade like Light Elements Defining Whip or a workable hairspray like Air Control.

Step 2: Put a light tease in the top of the hair and smooth it out.

Step 3: Start by tying one side of hair in knots. Be sure to pull the hair in the direction in which you want it to go, remember to add hair as you go like a French braid.

Step 4: Once you have knotted both sides join them together by knotting the two sides together.

Step 5: Pin hair and spray!

Blog post from Aveda Institute Jacksonville Cosmetology student: Jes Overstreet