How To Makeup Guide: Voluptuous Lips

Lips As fall approaches…Fall in LOVE with our new Heartlands Makeup Collection! I have included a technique to acquire sassy, voluptuous lips in just a few simple steps. It is not hard to feel sexy when you have such luscious, rich colors to choose from. The products you need are:

Red Petals #922 Lip Liner
Sweet Plum #919 Lip Stick
Honey Tree #921 Lip Gloss
aveda makeup lips Step one: Line both upper and lower lip with a thick line of lip liner.

Step two: Apply lip stick with a brush or applicator. Be liberal!

Step three: Blot with lint proof material such as tissue or 4X4.

Step four: Apply lip gloss to both upper and lower lips.

SMILE! You are ready to turn heads!!! Just thank the pure plant and flower essence of AVEDA!

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Spa Therapy Student: Melissa Kromer