Animal Themed Fashion Show

Cheetah Makeup After settling on an animal theme, we decided to create a cheetah look. We wanted to add some pink accents into our look to represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In order to create the cheetah’s ears, we made forward facing French twists on both sides on the front of the head. We then curled a wild center mane, using a Nalu Waver, inspired by a cheetah on the prowl.

Makeup began with a base of Aveda’s own tinted moisturizer, using two different shades of foundation to create contouring lines throughout the face. Your modern day cheetah for a good cause.

Cheetah Makeup Blog post by Aveda Institute Orlando Cosmetology student: Devionne Jackson Other students who worked on this look are: Tatiana Mertis, Laura Koss, Kayla Carrier, Cariann Vazquez, Gabrielle Garcia

Group Shot