Trying AI Tallahassee’s Salon for the First Time


Aveda Color Tallahassee Salon Renata is a foreign exchange student from Austria. Finding herself far from home and in definite need of a haircut and color, she decided to try Aveda for the very first time. Renata wanted a red that would stand out in a crowd. The resulting color was absolutely stunning! The rich, bright, vivacious red is sure to turn heads anywhere she goes. She was so excited she asked me to forward the formula I used to her hometown salon.

Initially, Renata just wanted a trim, but during the consultation I discovered she had always wanted volume and movement in her fine hair, but did not think it was possible. With a few layers and Pure Abundance Style Prep, Volumizing Tonic, and Phomollient, she had the volume and movement she always dreamed of! She was so impressed with Aveda that she was determined to find a salon in her home country!

DeAnna Strickland, Master Student, Aveda Institute Tallahassee.

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