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Here at Aveda beauty schools, part of our mission is to “care for the world we live in.” From our products to our services, we are constantly striving to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility.

In 2010, Aveda Institutes of South Florida proudly opened the doors to one of the first state-of-the-art facilities to be certified under the Green Globes ranking program. This institute not only offers an outstanding education in beauty, but also includes a retail store and an array of services for students to demonstrate the fresh talent the institute harvests.

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On the exterior of the building, visitors will first notice a distinguishing native landscape, which requires no watering and tells the story of how water flows through the Florida Everglades in a unique exhibit, called “Foreverglades.” An exterior awning made from solar panels line the building, providing solar energy to heat all water used indoors for shampoos, showering and laundry.

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More green features of this unique cosmetology and spa therapy institute includes cross ventilation systems, motion and time sensors, glass tinting and the use of as much indoor light as possible, creating a refreshing atmosphere for students to learn in. All of these features help lower cost savings of almost $16,000 per year.

Along with advanced energy efficiency, the interior of the building also demonstrates Aveda’s green initiative. All office furniture used throughout the building is from refurbished sources, and cabinetry is created from Purebond panels which are naturally derived and enhanced with a proprietary resign formula. In addition, an extensive recycling system and hybrid car share program is set in place to be utilized and educate customers and students on how they can contribute to environmental responsibility.

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On the educational side, students are introduced to an interactive learning experience where they will be able to demonstrate what they have learned with real customers. This provides them with unique hands on experience, preparing them to obtain their personal goals in the industry. In the final 10-week phase of the program, students spend 85% of their time with clients fine tuning their skills. Once students graduate from this program, they have the option to move forward with an advanced education, called the Masters Studio. This is a highly advanced program which gives students the exciting opportunity to work with the industry’s top stylists and colorists to further advance their skill.

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Not only does Aveda Institutes of South Florida provide students with the ability to develop their creative and technical skill set, but it also gives them the ability to get involved in environmental leadership.

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