Why Aveda Institute Orlando Is The Best Beauty School For Me

Aveda Institute Class

“Aveda was the only choice for me! There was no other option. I first attended a make up school and later received my bachelor’s degree in business. I realized an office job wasn’t for me so I decided to tour beauty schools.  I had already had several years of Special FX experience, so I figured why not.  After touring other schools I was unimpressed by the lack of energy and guests they had.  [At AVEDA] Everyone was busy!  After being able to walk through the classes while they were in session, I heard things I didn’t understand and had to know what was going on!  At the end of our Intro class I had learned so much and I couldn’t believe how much we had progressed from the very first day.  I am a total hands on person and that’s what you get!

Aveda has taught me more than I ever thought was involved in beauty school.  Not only did I learn the importance of knowing the parts of a hair strand and even how to create my own custom colors for my guest.  I have learned to be the best stylist I can be!  Aveda has taught me how to be professional and still be myself.  I couldn’t be more happy with my choice. To me this is the Harvard of beauty schools.  I feel ready and prepared for the real world.” Brandi – Masters Student

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“When I first moved to Florida I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life and I didn’t think that I wanted to attend a traditional college or university. For a couple months I was left with nothing to do but contemplate what it is that I should do to better myself as a person and further my career options. Then one day a big billboard caught my attention. The woman on it with her gorgeous red hair screamed fashion and beauty! Suddenly, I knew that there was something that I wanted to do. I wanted to make other people look like that. I wanted to be able to recreate the wow factor that I felt looking at that board. When I decided to tour the school, the fresh scent and modern decor only furthered my intrigue. Everything was so chic. The students on the floor looked professional and beautiful. The educators were nice and inviting. That same week I enrolled, and I haven’t looked back since.

Aveda has taught me the social skills and professionalism needed to give clients quality services that can potentially build my clientele. They have taught me the importance of teamwork and communication with my peers, and also how to maintain a peaceful and stress free environment. Aveda has impressed upon me the importance of sustaining the Earth and caring not just for our clients, but the world as a whole. Finally and most importantly, attending Aveda was the perfect step to help me on my journey to becoming an exceptional and responsible hairstylist.” Alani – Foundations Student

Aveda Institute Class

“Aveda Institute Orlando was the best choice for me, because it has taught me about the type of hair stylist that I want to be. I love that Aveda gives you a foundation to learn from. The instructors all have their own attributes to give to each and every one of us. I feel that as a student and a future stylist I will be able to take everything I have acquired from my experience here at Aveda, and utilize it in my future. I believe in my heart that I could not have gotten this type of education from any other program. I have always felt that Aveda has had my back and will continue to support me in all my future endeavors.” Leigh – Masters Student

“When I first started at the Aveda Institute Orlando I wasn’t sure if it was the right school, but after I got into the lessons I realized it was perfect! I love Aveda because the classes are hands on within the first week. All the instructors are friendly, ready to help, and informative. The instructors make learning relatable and easy to understand. With Aveda I know that when I graduate I am prepared to take on the field of Spa Therapy.” Samantha – Intro Spa Student