10 Bad Things For Healthy Hair

smooth hair

1. Sun Exposure

UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure can damage the outside cover of the hair strand, called the cuticle. Sun damaged hair can result in faded hair color, split ends, thinning, frizziness, and dried out strands. With the hot months approaching, Aveda’s Sun Care line is the perfect way to ‘Summer Proof’ your hair. This collection offers three unique products that can help protect and restore your hair from UV rays.

sun care

Sun Care Protective Veil – A water resistant UV defense mist.
Sun Care after-sun hair masque – restores sun-exposed hair.
Sun Care hair and body cleanser – removes chlorine, salt and build up.

2. Heat and Humidity

In addition to damaging UV rays, heat and humidity can cause another annoying problem, frizz.

Try the smooth infusion masque by Aveda to help ward off frizz and keep hair straight without having to use a flatiron. Just work it into your hair and then blow it dry to activate it.

smooth masque

3. Over Washing

Over washing is probably the most common mistake you can make when it comes to hair care. Over washing can suck the moisture out of your hair and dry it out, causing breakage. If you have naturally greasy hair, try spraying Pure Abundance at your roots to soak up excess oil.  If you have a lifestyle that requires washing your hair every day, opt for a light shampoo such as Shampure.

Shampure Shampoo

4. Heat Styling

Almost everyone uses heat to style their hair. However, heat can cause serious damage including breakage. To prevent this, use Aveda’s Daily Hair Repair to help prevent and reverse heat damage. This daily leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair by 26%*, helps protect from heat styling and detangles to help prevent further damage.

Damage Remeday Daily Hair Repair

5. Styling Wet Hair

Your hair is most fragile when it’s wet because moisture creates elasticity, allowing your hair to stretch up to double its length. With wet hair, avoid hairstyles that require you to pull your hair back tight.




6. Not Getting a Hair Cut Every 4-8 weeks

Trying to grow your hair out? Make sure you don’t skip out on haircuts! Not cutting your hair causes split ends which end up breaking off, preventing hair growth.


Aveda Hair Cut
7. Box Dying

There is an entirely separate list of reasons on why you don’t want to resort to dying your hair from a box, but we’ll just start with the main reason. You don’t know what chemicals are used in the dye.

Coloring your hair is a customized process that varies from person to person. Box dyes use a high developer process to ensure any hair type/color will get some sort of result. Dying your hair form the box often requires major hair cuts and other corrective processes from professional hairstylists. Skip the box step and make an appointment with a skilled professional. Aveda dye is up to 99% derived, fade-resistant, and essentially damage-free. In addition, by going to an Aveda professional for hair color, you can guarantee a good outcome.

Aveda Full Spectrum

8. Chlorine and Salt Water

The chemicals in chlorine and salt water causes damaging effects to your hair resulting in dry, brittle strands. To prevent damage, rinse your hair with cool water before taking a dip. The cool water will coat your hair and protect it.




9. Blowing Your Hair Dry the Wrong Way

Blowing your hair dry can be very damaging if not done correctly. Too often, people put the blow dryer directly on their hair and hold it there. This technique fries your strands and causes serious damage to your hair.  The correct way to dry your hair is to place your blow dryer on medium heat and constantly move it in up and down motions, drying your hair damage free.




10. Pony Tails

Wearing a tight pony tail in the same spot every day can create breakage in the hair where the elastic grips. Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to never wear your hair in a ponytail with busy lifestyles, long hair, and active workout regimes. To prevent damage, make sure the ponytail isn’t too tight and try using elastics made of silk or other softer material.





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