How to Create a Greek Goddess Inspired Hairstyle

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How to Create a Fast and Easy Goddess Inspired Hairstyle

 step one

Step 1:  Start by placing an elastic headband over the top of the head.  You can place the headband over the fringe area (shown in the photo on the left), or you can leave out the fringe area (shown in the photo on the right; this is the style we will be doing today).

image of step 2 of goddess hair
Step 2:  Next, gather the ends like a ponytail so the hair shifts away from the face.  Use a small amount of Control Paste (work product between fingers and apply to the ends of the hair) to give the hair texture and hold.  Tuck the ends of the hair up and into the headband starting on the right side of the head.

step 3 goddess hairstyle

Step 3:  Continue to tuck and roll small sections (using an up and over motion) into the headband; the sections are being looped around the elastic band as you work around the head.  Tuck the outside sections first then work towards middle section.  Use your brush to smooth as needed if hair gets tangled.

step 4

Step 4:  Once you have tucked and rolled each section smooth any loose hair with the paddle brush.  Once all hair is secure, finish the style with Air Control Hairspray for a light, flexible hold or Control Force Hairspray for a strong hold.


*Note:  This style can be done on either straight or curly hair depending on the desired result.  For a sleeker, more structured look, perform this style on straight hair.  For a looser, more tousled look, perform this style on naturally curly, or wand-curled hair.

image of products

Products used for this Hairstyle:

-Paddle Brush

-Elastic Headband

-Air Control Hairspray

-Control Paste