Create a Loose, Curly Updo

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Get a Loose, Curly Updo

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Step 1: Start with dry hair. Prep hair by spraying Firmata Firm Hold Hair Spray all over the hair. Hold the spray 10 inches away from hair when applying. Then brush through evenly.

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Step 2: Curl the entire head and set the curls with clips. Make sure the curls along the hairline and the top of he head are wrapped away from the face.

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Step 3: Once the curls have cooled, emulsify a small amount of Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss in your hands and loosely comb through the curls by raking them between your fingers.

step 3

Step 4: To begin the up style, start by pulling the top and front of the hair back into a pony tail. Secure this with an elastic band or tie.

image for step 5Step 5:  Divide the pony tail into two sections and tie them into a soft knot. Secure this with pins.

loose curly updo Step 6: Continue this technique down the back of the head. Take sections of hair and tie them into a simple knot while twisting and pinning the curls into different directions. Follow all the way through to the nape of the neck. You can vary the size of the curl by twisting different amounts of hair.

loose curly updoStep 7: Finish the look with Air Control hair spray for a soft, pliable hold.