Students Start Their Cosmetology Experience

first day of cosmetology school

While beginning beauty school can be nerve-racking, it is also an exciting time in one’s life with the prospect of starting a new journey. At Aveda Institutes South, we offer students the opportunity to excel in a creative and fast paced industry.

Read these student’s early experiences at Aveda Institutes South and get ready for your amazing journey into the world of beauty.

Yasmin Baham


“My experience at Aveda has been ultimately an amazing experience. Today
was the first day taking clients for Spa Pedicures. It was my first time
taking a client whom I had not known personally which caused me to be
extremely nervous, but it turned out to be a lot easier than I assumed!
My client was satisfied and ultimately happy with the results! I met a
woman today who is a client of Aveda and she observed my work while I
worked on my mannequin. She asked if I were a Masters student, and I
replied to her, “not as of yet.” She replied, “with a sharp cut like that
you should be!” Words can’t begin to describe the feeling her words gave
me but I am certainly proud. The best part of my day was being able to
put my passion and art into what I love doing the most!”

Kathleen Galli

aveda institute south student

“My experience at Aveda Institutes has been educational and life changing. When I first started I was nervous of messing up but gained confidence with the help of my talented educators and classmates. That’s why every morning is my favorite time of the day because we have a moment together to connect with each other before the madness begins. In addition, Danielle Coleman, Mark Mercado, Rachel Parisian and especially Michelle Woodward have been my saving grace. Each one has gone above and beyond to help me in my struggle during my time here. As well as my amazing classmates who have quickly became my second family. Without them I wouldn’t have become the great stylist in training that I am today!”

Constantine Gatzios

cosmetology student

“Going into Aveda Institutes South, I was most nervous about going back to school 20 years later and starting in an industry I knew nothing about. The best part of my day was anytime I had a chance to do a haircut, specifically short hair.The motivational speaker I met on the first day hands down left the most positive impression on me. Something he said: “Have patience because your hands have never done that before. ” These were big words that made a lasting impression not realizing that 9 months into it, it was very true.”