Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Educator Recognized

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Aveda Congress happens every two years and brings together Aveda professionals from around the world for a premiere educational event. The global artistic team comes together to inspire our Aveda stylists to remain innovative and among the top in the beauty industry. Included in the program is an institute segment where four couches are selected from Aveda beauty schools from around the country. This year we are excited to announce that Aveda Institute Tampa Bay’s Education Coach, Mike Mercado (pictured below) was among one of the four selected.

Education Coach of Tampa Bay Beauty School

The selection process was based on a 100 word essay on what it means to be an Aveda Educator.
“I started out with 400 words and then melted it down.” -Mike

Read the essay below that earned Mike Mercado a spot at Aveda Congress 2015:


To be an Aveda Institute Educator is to Change the World

It’s my belief that when people feel good about themselves, they smile a bit more, they treat each other better and a ripple effect is set into motion.
Though it’s important to teach cutting techniques, color formulations and state board preparation, our real job begins when we teach to make a difference.
At the Aveda Institute, we teach to give an experience.
We teach that our artistry goes beyond the shimmer and texture.
And we teach that we have the power to change lives, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

-Mike Mercado


The institute segment has its own creative theme and invited select students, including three Edwin Neil winners to perform demo’s on stage with the chosen theme. The coaches are there to mentor the students through the process. When asked what Mike’s thoughts were on the show, he replied “it’s the biggest, most remarkable hair show.”

This isn’t Mike’s first major experience with Aveda Congress. Two years ago, one of the segments was inspired by Mike Mercado’s Breast Cancer Awareness circus show, pictured below.

aveda institute tampa bay

“I know this event will create an overwhelming sense of excitement that I will bring back to Aveda Institute Tampa Bay with me. I want to bring back a snapshot of what’s in Aveda’s creative future and share my experience by educating and inspiring our students.”

Aveda Institutes South is honored to congratulate Mike Mercado for being invited to participate in this year’s Aveda Congress.