Inspired Hair and Makeup for Photoshoot

hair and makeup on model

Masters students at Aveda Institute Birmingham were able to explore their creativity and create inspired looks to do hair and makeup for their Masters Photoshoot. Read about what inspired them and check out the stunning images below.

Student’s Name: Olivia Ireland

Models Name: Grayson Fulton

What inspired the look?: “Ethereal Beauty”

What’s your dream job?: “Move to New Orleans and open up a Salon and Spa.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “Master’s Photoshoot”

What are your strengths?: “Cutting hair”

Birmingham Beauty Photo ShootMasters Photo Shoot Masters photo shoot

Student’s Name: Caylie Atkinson

Models Name: Cera Ray Perez

What inspired the look?: “Voodoo Queen inspired by blending beauty and danger.”

What’s your dream job?: “Create art that changes people’s lives.”

Whats your proudest moment?: “Master’s Photoshoot”

What are your strengths?: “Cutting layers in hair.”

Birmingham beauty school Birmingham beauty student birmingham beauty student

Student’s Name: Sarah Maglothin

Models Name: Macarena Matthews

What Inspired the Look?: “Post-Apocalyptic Renaissance. Many of the post-apocalyptic books and TV series that are popular right now inspired me. Thrifting and making old things work together for a tribe leader, warrior princess feel”

Who inspired you?: “Sassy, driven women. It takes a little sass and a lot of class to get places in this world, especially in this industry.”

What’s your dream job?: “A fully booked freelance hairstylist and makeup artist for TV, movies, and magazines all around the world.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “Master’s Photoshoot”

What are your strengths?: “Cutting layers in hair.”

hair and makeup by birmingham beauty school student Photo shoot at Birmingham Birmingham Beauty School

Student’s Name: Carrie Wesson

Models Name: Sidney Brunson

What Inspired the Look?: “Class vintage: I was inspired by old beauty. Old beauty is never old, just forgotten.”

Who inspired you?: “My mother, she is hard working and I aspire to be like her.”

What’s your dream job?: “I would love to work photoshoots. I do well in high stress environments.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “I am very proud of this photo shoot because I even surprised myself.”

What are your strengths?: “I can’t say I mastered anything because you never stop learning. But I feel I do really well with styles and updo’s.”

vintage inspire hair and makeup old beauty inspired hair and makeup vintage hair and makeup

Student’s Name: Aisha Lee

Models Name: Erica Lee

What Inspired the Look?: “The rose gold hair trend, rose gold technology, and my personal love for rose gold jewelry.”

Who inspired you?: “My educators. I feel like if I look to stylists like Guy Tang and Ian Michael Black, I never move past an idea. Being inspired by my educators means applying that idea realistically and succeeding as far as my skills allow.”

What’s your dream job?: “As cliche as it sounds, my own salon. Everyone has ideas and expectations for the cosmetology and salon world, and being a leader means reflecting what you know and believing in your stylists and their clients.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “One week I was lectured on my $10 sales average and was told to step it up. The very next week I sold $500 in product, winning a contest put on by my educators.”

What are your strengths?: “I really took a quick understanding to Aveda color, and some of my formulas have been used by educators for clients.”

Aveda Institute Birmingham masters photo shoot birmingham beauty school student photo shoot by Aveda Birmingham student

Student’s Name: Camila Portnoy

Models Name: Morgan Brashier

What Inspired the Look?: “Earthy Tribal. I chose this look because I’m really inspired by nature, the flow arts, and natural beauty.”

Who inspired you?: “People in general inspire me. Even though we are all different, we all have the ability to connect to one another on many levels and we have the potential to encourage growth.”

What’s your dream job?: “My dream job is doing special effects makeup and hair for movies.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “My Masters Photoshoot. I didn’t really have a solid plan of what I wanted to do, and I just about had a panic attack, but once I started it just flowed together perfectly.”

What skills have you mastered since you’ve been at Aveda?: “I’ve opened up more and have become more comfortable in my own skin. I try to be accepting of people no matter how different we are. I try to stay positive not just for myself but for the environment around me.”

beauty school studenthair and makeup on model Aveda hair and makeup on model

Student’s Name: Kalah Powers

Models Name: Tava Channel

What Inspired the Look?: “Pin up, color melt. I loved the idea of a sunset and the beautiful colors.”

Who inspired you?: “Guy Tang. He’s amazing!”

What’s your dream job?: “Doing fashion hair.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “My abilities in color in particular.”

What skills have you mastered since you’ve been at Aveda?: “My strengths are cuts, color, and updo’s.”

pin up inspired hair and makeup pin up inspired pin up inspired

Student’s Name: Anitra Parks

Models Name: Kendall Allen

What Inspired the Look?: “High fashion chic (blonde with shaved accents). My original model actually cancelled last minute. A few hours before the shoot, I found a student and just free-styled it. Thank goodness it worked!”

Who inspired you?: “Bobby Brown. She has such an inspiring story.”

What’s your dream job?: “Own a cosmetic line.”

What’s your proudest moment?: “Every moment from the day I started up until this very moment. Despite the things that life threw at me, I made the choice to stay and finish what I started.”

What skills have you mastered since you’ve been at Aveda?: “Blowouts and cutting.”

high fashion chic inspired hair and makeup high fashion chic inspired hair and makeup high fashion chic inspired hair and makeup