Tampa Bay Catwalk for Water 2016 Winners

Congratulations to Ashley Noyes for being the student winner and Stefania Costanzo for being the full tuition scholarship winner at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay’s 2016 Catwalk for Water Fashion Show! Check out some pictures from the show and read about the inspiration behind these winning looks.

Stefania Costanzo, Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Scholarship winner

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What inspired your look for Catwalk for Water?

“The inspiration for this design was water and pollution, she is a mermaid trapped in a fishing net. The flowers on the tail of the dress are made from water bottles, cut to different sizes; individually airbrushed; and assembled. It proved to be a challenging dress at last, given that the flowers were melting through the dress with the hot glue instead of adhering. The bathing suit was  my favorite part,especially the neck area because it made it easier to hide the wire for the head piece lighting effect. The color emerald really bounced off Gabrielle’s skin color, it was a great match.”

Why did you choose Aveda for your education?

“A good friend of mine invited me in to model for her, this was my first time at the Aveda campus. It felt right and fun, it was then the first time I considered attending. A couple of months later I came across the scholarship contest and then it was game on, I was determined to attend the Clearwater campus.”

How did it feel to win?

“How did I feel when I won? Well, my mind was actually processing the moment. I was just looking to the crowd; really admiring the ending of a FANTASTIC SHOW! I was excited to participate in the event, it was great to see the different designs; I had forgotten it was a contest really,and as I’m taking it all in; I realized it was my name on the big check I’ve always wanted to hold!.  I felt so happy, I wish my dream team would of been there (my dad, my  sister, my boyfriend Christopher, and my dad’s GF Adriana) but unfortunately they were all unable to attend.
Once they found out they were very proud and excited about the great news!”

Aveda institute Tampa BayAveda Institute Tampa Bay Aveda Institute Tampa BayTampa Bay Beauty School Scholarship winner

Ashley Noyes, Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Student Winner

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What inspired your look for Catwalk for Water?

“So many different ideas went into my model and the look my team and I created for this year’s Catwalk for Water fashion show. The first idea started with the flowers made from 4,000 coffee filters. The idea came from an image off of the internet, which created the recycled portion of the costume. Also, the hat was made from toilet paper and a paper plate. I want to thank my model’s Grandmother and Mother for helping me put together this outfit and taking my visual and thoughts and making this image come alive. The makeup look created was from an image off the Internet. My model had great skin so I loved showcasing that with the red blush. I used all Aveda cosmetics besides the eyeshadow. The hair was my favorite creation. I literally had a vision for the hair and so many ideas were pieced together to create something amazing! A master student showed me how to create the coil portion of the hair texture. An educator told me how to back comb with my fingers, so I meticulously curled every piece of hair and back combed every curl and coil to create a beautiful texture. Then someone in my class also showed me how to do a dutch braid. I then taught myself how to do the cornrows. To sum it all up, my inspiration came from so much. That’s what art is all about. Taking pieces of what inspires you and showcasing it in your work.”

Why did you choose Aveda for your education?

“I fell in love with Aveda products many moons ago when I worked right next a salon in Sarasota Florida called Nuovo. That salon has inspired me in so many ways as an aspiring salon owner and was the main reason I chose Aveda.  When I first stepped into the institute and the way retail was set up and the professionalism everyone had set a bar for me. What really blew things out of the water and sold me about Aveda Institute was the admissions team. They created the image of Aveda for me and also accepted me with warm loving arms. I just felt I had my place. Now as a student all my expectations have been met above and beyond what I even thought my experience would be here at the institute. The educators and staff are just amazing and I feel as though I am set up for success. With the salon development partners being involved and the director and assistant director coaching you as well there is just so much support behind these walls how could one not succeed. Choosing Aveda for my education was the best decision in advancing my career by far.”

How did it feel to win?

“It wasn’t just me that won this competition. It was all those that helped me achieve this look and inspired me. I remember just looking at my model walk down the runway and couldn’t believe my vision created something so beautiful. Winning gave me confidence that I could actually be successful at something and that I am creative and I know how to create art and beauty not to mention make someone feel beautiful. Winning this competition also gave me a passion for the more editorial, high fashion side of hair and makeup. I hope all that see my work also feel inspired. I am so grateful that I was able to take part in raising money for such a good cause, something that Aveda stands behind and is our mission. To care for the world we live in…to the ways in which we give back to society. Thank you Aveda Institute of Tampa Bay for giving me the opportunity to give back and to create.”

Aveda Catwalk for Water 2016

Aveda Beauty School catwalk for water competition


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