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aveda orientation program

This week, Aveda Institute Tallahassee welcomed new students to its Cosmetology and Spa Therapy programs. The first week of classes is an orientation program called Camp Aveda that is dedicated to introducing new students to Aveda’s mission and culture.

“We are so excited to be able to immerse our new students in such a unique orientation that we hope helps them connect with the “why” behind their choice to attend the Aveda Institute Tallahassee.  Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, and Art – that’s what it’s all about!”

-Julie Todd, Aveda Institute Tallahassee Director

Take a look at some pictures from this week’s Camp Aveda and read about why some of these new students chose Aveda for their beauty school education.

“I chose Aveda becuase we share similar values with the belief in the interconnectedness of all things. We all rely on Mother Earth and it is our shared responsibility to care for it. Aveda gives you the opportunity to learn do so while providing for your family, all in pursuit of what makes you happy. We are all in this together.”

-Leah Johnson, Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student

“Aveda aligns with every facet of what I try to do to better myself. It resonates with me. I’m excited to treat my mind, body and soul with the most natural beauty products I can. I want to be health conscious in all aspects of my life, and live the Aveda mission.”

-Kadi Davidson, Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student

“I’ve always enjoyed how classy and industrial Aveda looked. I chose to come to school at the Aveda Institute because of their community involvement and philanthropic values, I am so excited to be apart of the Special-Ed prom night and other events the Institute partakes in, I like the idea that it is a company that I can stay with after graduation, they provide opportunities that will help me grow my career.”

-Emily Jordan, Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student

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