Orlando’s July Student Spotlight

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July Aveda student of the Month

We are excited to congratulate Venus Robinson, Jenny Oyola, and Adam Larison being Aveda Institute Orlando’s July Students of the Month!

Spa Student of the Month-Venus Robinson

Why did you choose Aveda ?

“I choose AVEDA because I wanted to learn about Aveda’s Philosophy. I wanted to know more about Ayurveda therapies, become a full specialist and become an Aveda partner Spa. I LOVE Aveda products, the science behind their creation, the purity of the herbs they use, and the way they care about the environment. By being in Aveda, I have learned a lot more than esthetics and have met wonderful people. True Leadership is done by example and I have the most passionate Teachers constantly inspiring me to be better and learn more. We are all ONE. I found true friendship and a place where I belong in the AVEDA family. I found real people coming together for something bigger than themselves, protecting the Earth, helping the homeless and the community, and helping each other through every day struggles. There is always a hand, a smile and a hug to keep you going and bring out the best in you. I’ve learned that beauty is what beauty does. And
it has been a beautiful experience. Aveda is very demanding, but definitely encouraging and pushes you to excel!”
Which high school/additional education did you graduate with?

“I’m from Venezuela and went to La Presentation Catholic High School, Marisa Palacios Aesthetics institute, Florida College of Natural Health, Orlando Institute and Electrolysis laser and Beauty Institute.”

What is your favorite Aveda product? 

“It’s very hard to choose a favorite Aveda Product, although I really like the Perfecting Plant peel. It is the most amazing WARM experience for the skin and rejuvenating it without irritating it! I also like all the aromatherapy products as well as the Blue composition oil and the Active composition oil which act as a warm and cold therapy for muscle relaxation, giving amazing results.”

What are some of your other passions?

“I recently opened my own spa called Venus Le Spa and I’m a member of contemplative outreach as well as a teacher of contemplative prayer (extensión contemplativa). Some of my passions are reading, dancing, and outdoor sports.”

Cosmetology A side Student of the Month-Jenny Oyola

Why did you choose Aveda?

“When I was “shopping” for schools, I was looking for an educational facility that made me feel at home, one that made me feel like I wasn’t just a dollar sign, and that when I’m going through life, I had a support system to get me through. I went on a tour of a school the day before I came to Aveda and well, it was very limited on diversity and culture. When I came to Aveda I instantly felt at home, from the ambiance, to the professionalism, to the hug when I met with Michelle, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. As I thought about the commitment and all the hours I would have to invest in my new career I knew to be the best at what I want to do, I need to start with the best education. Aveda!

Which high school/additional education did you graduate with?

“I graduated in 2007 from Cranston High School East all the way up in little Rhode Island. I also have a certification as a Paraprofessional and completion of three levels of ASL both from the Community College Of Rhode Island.”

What is your favorite Aveda product?

“My favorite Aveda products…. I actually call these three item my life line, without them I don’t know what I would do…
Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil, Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair and Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme.
Yes my hair is damaged, I’m in hair school, I have done a lot of things to my hair in a short period of time haha!”

Cosmetology B side Student of the Month-Adam Larison

Why did you choose Aveda?

“I chose Aveda because I felt I would be pressured to improve here. I studied theater in college and I hope to return to theater as a cosmetologist. I enjoy learning the process behind theater wigs and stage makeup.”

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