Tallahassee’s September Student Spotlight

september student of the month

Please join us in our celebration of Hannah Davis, Aveda Institute Tallahassee’s Student of the Month!

Aveda Student

Hannah chose to attend Aveda Institute Tallahassee after completing high school at Ashford High in Ashford, Alabama. She chose Aveda because it offers the best education and a global network of amazing connections which expands her career options.

Hannah enjoys hobbies that include riding an ATV, sewing, fashion, and, of course, anything to do with hair!

She loves Aveda products such as: Beautifying Composition, Rosemary Mint Bath Bar, and Pure Abundance Hair Potion. Aveda products have that one of a kind signature aroma.

Take a moment to congratulate Hannah on her success in reaching her goals and living her dream!

Hannah Davis’s Stats:

Attd: 100.59%
GPA: 99%
SPST: $32.50
RPST: $18.58
PrBk: 50%