Orlando October Student Spotlight


Join us in celebrating our October Students of the Month!

Beth Hershkowitz (Masters)

A side student of the month

October Student of the Month

“I chose Aveda first based on the mission. I’ve always believed in treating others with respect as well as respecting our environment in the same way. What really sealed it for me was when I toured. The energy and finding out how much philanthropy Aveda does let me know it was the right choice. I have a lot of great memories, made a lot of good friends as have overcome struggles. I attended Lakewood high school in St. Pete.

I also love fine arts, I do a lot of different kinds of art in my free time. This includes doing murals downtown in my home town as well as participating in local mural projects for worthy local causes.”

Justine St. Onge (Masters)

B side student of the month

Image of Beauty School Student

“I chose Aveda because I was working at an Aveda salon in West Palm and fell in love with how supportive the environment was. Even the rep that came in every couple of weeks treated everyone like family. That was the kind of environment I wanted to surround myself in. I have started my career at an Aveda salon here with Matthew Michaels.

My favorite moments are probably the little ones I’ve shared with my classmates, working on fundraisers together. Not to mention all of the amazing experiences I’ve had on the artistic team.

I’m from Port St Lucie, Florida. I enjoy just about anything that has to do with the water or being outside. I love to paint and sew. I’m a part of the Aveda Institute artistic team.”

Evelyn Chusid (Spa Clinic)

Spa student of the month

Image of Aveda Student

“It’s an honor and a surprise to be named ‘anything of the month’. My favorite Aveda moments are when I’ve accomplished a task and have passed a milestone toward graduation.

The esthetician training is both a career and an educational change for me, since my schooling has been advanced classes in history and English literature, and my occupation had been machine handler for a hospital laundry.

Those who see me know my hobby is reading (mostly mysteries), and that my avocation is babysitting grandchildren.

Probably the most unusual moment in the last several years has been shaking President Obama’s hand in a rope line as a reward for volunteering to knock doors in Toledo.”