South Florida’s March Student Spotlight


March’s Spa Student of the Month

Sarah Hinton

Image of South Florida Student

“As an artist, it has been extremely difficult to find a balance between motherhood, work, and self-care, never mind my passions. While I can say that I’ve been very successful up until now, I am learning that despite striving for a favorable outcome, the journey that takes you to there is what places the true value in your achievement and being committed to this defines your success. I am truly honored to be joining and representing the AVEDA brand.” – Sarah Hinton

Sarah is currently enrolled in our Spa Therapy program and will be starting clinic this month.  Sarah’s passion, drive, and positivity are contagious and her willingness to help her classmates as well as the Institute is admired greatly. We are so excited to see her success in our industry! Congratulations Sarah!

March’s Cos Student of the Month

Kristen Ellenberger

Image of South Florida Student

“I think it is important to show your beauty from the inside out. Beauty comes from within oneself and is shown to everyone you encounter on a daily basis. Beauty is shown through love, encouragement, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and light-heartedness. Being affectionate, charismatic, courageous, dependable, hard-working, joyful, reliable, sympathetic, and upbeat are also characteristics of beauty. If any of these qualities are shown through an individual, people will see them as beautiful in their own way.” – Kristen Ellenberger

Kristen is currently a Master in our cosmetology program and is an upcoming graduate. She always embodies Aveda love with her dedication and kindness and is always willing to go the extra mile. We are so excited to see her success in our industry! Congratulations Kristen!