South Florida’s May Student Spotlight


May’s Spa Student of the Month

Kayla Rodriguez

South Florida Beauty Student
“I’m only 19 and like many of you, I have taken on different roles to fit into a mold that I’ve felt defined myself. In adult and toddlerhood, I defined myself by my aspirations to find a relationship with the natural world. Also like many of you, I’ve faced challenges after great dreams. Despite being bright, school was exhausting and I held no stamina for it. At Aveda, I found an education and career that opened my horizons. Most of all, the spirit inside me has found enthusiasm for life in new ways. I’m happy and confident in the world that was open to me by putting Aveda into my life. Thanks, Aveda!” – Kayla Rodriguez

Kayla is currently in our Massage Therapy program and is such a hard-working individual. She always strives to make a difference in this world and embraces the Aveda mission by being an environmental leader. Kayla always goes above and beyond to help her classmates and goes the extra mile to ensure each guest receives the Aveda experience. We are so excited to see Kayla’s future in our industry. Congratulations Kayla!

May’s Cos Student of the Month

Casey Winner

South Florida Student
” I have always had a passion for beauty. As a child, I was fascinated with the idea of making a masterpiece. I imagined all the steps it would’ve taken just to create something from nothing. These days it’s all about what you look like on the outside; your makeup, your clothes etc. and if I can make a person feel confident themselves inside and out, I know I’ve done my job right. I see hair as a blank canvas and I know in time I will be able to accomplish masterpieces of my own.” – Casey Jae Winner

Casey is currently enrolled in our Cosmetology program. She continues to shine brightly as she is always a day maker for her guests, classmates, and educators here at the Institute. Her passion for the industry shows greatly though her talent and we are so excited to see her grow in this industry! Congratulations Casey!