There’s Beauty School… and there’s AVEDA

When I made the decision to go to Beauty School, I wanted to make sure I chose the best possible school, so I could get the best possible education. This process included visiting a plethora of trade schools, institutes, and cosmetology schools in the South Florida area. The first school I visited was in a strip mall, the outside was lined with students smoking and yelling at each other. I didn’t even park my car or go on my scheduled tour. I left that strip mall nearly in tears, hoping I could find a school more welcoming than that, one where I could actually feel comfortable enough to go inside.

I visited a few school that were slightly more inviting: they looked good on the outside, were pretty clean on the inside, and the staff seemed friendly enough. However, I noticed a lot of disorganization, I didn’t get much information about a curriculum, and I was confused about what they could offer me besides a lot of book study time for the state exam.

And then I visited AVEDA. What a breath of fresh air to pull into the parking lot and see a building that I was exciting to go into! The trees, the flowers… I knew this was a place I could walk into everyday without fear or worry. I walked in the doors and was welcomed by the retail advisors, indeed it was a great day at AVEDA! My interview felt more like a coffee date with a long lost friend, I didn’t feel rushed or pressured as I had at other schools. My admissions advisor spent so much time with me, answering all my questions, as well as educating me about the AVEDA product line and Mission.

Honestly, I fell in love. Not only was the school nurturing, sophisticated, and contemporary, but the AVEDA product line was something I immediately knew I could stand behind. Because, not only do the products work, they are competitive, organic, sustainable, and affordable. I was excited to learn that AVEDA offers make-up, skincare, lifestyle items, and a men’s line in addition to the hair care products I already knew and loved.

I have been attending the AVEDA Institute South Florida for nearly six months now, and every day it’s reinforced to me that I chose the best Beauty School possible for me. I believe in the mission of the AVEDA, I believe in the cutting edge education that is offered here, and I now believe in myself as a future AVEDA stylist.