Aveda Florida Massage School

There is much to be said about the Aveda Massage Experience. I came to Aveda because I have always wanted to learn the art and science of massage therapy. I am half way through the 9 month program, and have complete confidence that upon graduating I will be technically, theoretically and mentally prepared to be the best massage therapist one could conceivably become in 9 months.

School at Aveda is split into two Phases. The first phase sets the ground work for the second as Phase 1 is structured around giving the student the theoretical and step by step understanding of the craft. Phase two is implementation and complete emersion in the field, as students work under the licences of their instructors, preforming services in a full service spa.

This system is testament to the effectiveness of Aveda’s education program. If this program was not effective and thorough students would not be prepared to work in a Aveda spa under an educators license, Aveda puts complete trust in their students and teachers. Thinking about this made me realize that Aveda was the right school to go to, as when considering trade schools, the integrity of the Institution is an absolute imperative.