The Best Beauty School Tool: Round Brush

A good round brush is a cosmetology school student’s best friend

There are several different sizes the round brush comes in, which gives you the ability to produce a variety of looks with one tool. The round brush is also made in several different ways and has several different bristles to choose from. You can create a soft subtle wave as well as a tight bouncy curly look. Depending on the technique you choose to use, you can also place a lot of volume in areas that need a bit more body. The round brush can deliver a lot of curls and flips. It also provides the appropriate grip while you are blow drying. Round brushes allow you to manipulate the hair a lot like a curling iron. Styling with a round brush is much less damaging to the hair as well. While a round brush can create a lot of curls and volume it also has the advantage of being able to create a nice sleek and smooth look. You can’t lose with the round brush! If you’re headed out for a night on the town or just wanting to go with a casual flowing look then all you need is your round brush and blow dryer. And, of course, your favorite AVEDA styling products.