The Best Massage School in Florida

Lisa Rivera | AVEDA Orlando

My favorite technique is the back massage. So many clients suffer from back pain. I enjoy knowing that after a massage from me that they feel relaxed, stress free, or even healed by me. I love the reactions that I get either from massage or facials. . . and even waxing. It is an incredible ego boost to know that it was my work that made that particular person happy, stress free, and feeling good about themselves.

I plan to continue my education into the clinical aspect so that I can continue to heal people. Massage alone is a great service to people who feel uneasy about themselves. I put my heart into the massage, facial or any service, knowing that what I do at AVEDA massage schools Florida is a great service to the public and something that people require regardless of the economy. If it is needed, clients find the means and coming to AVEDA is a cheaper alternative that allows clients the luxury that they may not otherwise have been able to indulge in. I am proud to know that I will soon be graduating from the AVEDA massage school with the knowledge of helping others while also feeling good in my ability to do so.