A Calming Massage School Technique

Julie White | AVEDA Jacksonville

My favorite massage technique is the Blue Handshake. This technique really helps calm down any type of person and it also calms down people who dont really like to be touched which helps me out. A lot of people have a problem with me touching their shoulders because you either rub too hard or too soft.

Also, people have a problem touching their ears and are very stand offish about me touching them at all. This may sound weird but it has happened to me multiple times. At AVEDA massage schools Florida, we don’t really want our clients to feel uncomfortable at all. Everything we do is to help the client feel at peace, calm, and relaxed. The clients can’t really feel this if they aren’t comfortable with me touching them.

Also, I’ve noticed that the Blue Handshake helps the client to open up a lot more afterwards. It does sound odd but a lot of people tend to open up to me after I do the Blue Handshake instead of the other stress Relieving Rituals. Plus, this Stress Relieving Ritual is very easy to do and very calming for me as well. I use this technique at home as well on my family and it is their favorite massage technique, too.