My Favorite Class is Our Color Classes

The unique color system at AVEDA allows us to custom make any desired effect, it gets our creative talents flowing and offers an entertaining diversity to a normal school setting. The AVEDA color lines are designed to target our individual guests specific needs. Because our colors and tones are mixed separately we have a huge range of customization possibilities. Learning how to put these specific products together to achieve that desired effect has been an interesting process. Just as no two guests are exactly alike, our color formulas also differ greatly. This leaves us with the creative ability to suggest and carry out many different color effects, color placements, or color tone & strength adjustments. Learning and experimenting with those possibilities has been fascinating. The endless combinations and vibrancy of colors are formulated on a case per case basis and sometimes there are several ways to arrive at the same result. This keeps us interested in learning and creating new formulations without getting bored. We get out of the box and out of the books with a hands on visual of our results. Bringing our colors from just a formulation to a visual result is a rewarding experience!

Natalie D AVEDA Institute South Florida