The Best of The Best: AVEDA Tallahassee

Britane Green | AVEDA Tallahassee

I choose the AVEDA Cosmetology School Tallahassee because my boyfriend is in the Navy and stationed in Pensacola, FL. Tallahassee was the closest AVEDA to Pensacola. I could have chosen a different cosmetology school, but I wanted to learn from the best, and get the best education for myself. Therefore I choose AVEDA Tallahassee. The AVEDA beauty schools to me are like the Juilliard of hair school. We are not only given the information needed to be a cosmetologist, we are also taught the correct technique, professionalism, how to sale product, and much more. Yes, AVEDA is strict on rules and regulations but that is only for our own individual benefits in the end. This will help us understand what it really truly requires to be in the cosmetology field all the way around. You can not show up late to a job, you can not leave whenever you think you need to, there has to be rules so you come across professional in every way needed.

AVEDA is a very unique, one of a kind school, we do things that set us apart from other salons/schools. This is how we stand out so that we can maintain very good business. AVEDA is also all natural, that also helps us stand out to guests. Over all I very much enjoy attending the Tallahassee AVEDA Institute. I’ve always wanted to become a cosmetologist, but I also wanted the best education for myself. AVEDA was definitely the right step for me.