My Cosmetology Goals While Attending AVEDA

Beauty School Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student blog
Author: Britane Green

I hope my AVEDA school will help me achieve my dream of becoming a cosmetologist. I want to learn the best way and proper technique on how to be a cosmetologist. Ever since I was little, growing up in my mothers salon, I knew I had the hair dresser in me. I finally decided for sure that cosmetology was what I wanted to do as soon as I heard of the AVEDA beauty schools. Aveda makes it seem like cosmetology is an actual career, that its not “just hair school”. Its hard work but yet you get a great outcome. AVEDA makes you see past “just hair school”, they help me expand my options by working outside the box on many different circumstances. AVEDA has taught me a whole new way to look at cosmetologist / cosmetology. We care about our guests as well as the world around us, and we’ll never stop caring. With AVEDA you can express your independence in some ways, while still being one of a kind. I hope that AVEDA keeps on teaching me to use my brain in ways I never knew possible. I will become an AVEDA cosmetologist with the help of all the instructors at my AVEDA beauty school, and keep learning new ways to re event the cosmetology field over and over again. At AVEDA learning never ends.