Celebrity Hair – Rooney Mara’s New Cut

Blog post from cosmetology school students: Rene Safi, Natalie Strother, Kristina Dumenigo, Stephanie Newman, Leah Breaux, Ashleigh Dean

Aveda Florida cosmetology school hair stylesWe absolutely love Rooney Mara’s new cut and style for the new movie “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo“.

Not only is it a drastic, dramatic change from ultra feminine and mainstream to edgy, daring, expressive and androgynous. The parallels between arts and the artist involved with the creation of a vision are dominant factors in the success of it portrayel.

Rooney Mara exemplifies the dedication and comitment to another artist’s vision. Quite the same as a hair dresser and his or her guest’s vision as well as the company that produces the tools and products used by the artist.

What are your thoughts on this type of edgy hair do?