Graduating My Beauty School in 2012

Blog post by Cosmetology student: Andre Newsome

cosmetology fl AVEDA Florida Beauty SchoolsA happy new year would not be possible unless I have some goals. Both my academics and the way I professionally handle myself will give me a more successful chance in reaching one of my goal here at Aveda, which is completing my cosmetology training.

I have also set the goal of faster finishing time when styling the guest, and the goal to improve my RPCT by 15 dollars. In order to reach my goal to complete training I am going for perfect attendance for the remaining of the year. To help me with this goal I plan on attending school days prior to the day I will be absent. To reach my goal of faster finishing time I will continue to pay attention to detail but not allowing little strands to affect my completion decision.

I will continue to educate the guest on products that will continue to provide them the best results while keeping their hair healthy, this will set me up to reach my goal of improving my RPCT.