My Cosmetology Goals at Aveda Institute Jacksonville

Blog post by Aveda Institute Jacksonville cosmetology student: Jessica Lang

aveda florida beauty school logoI’ve always set big goals and standards for myself throughout my life, and going to school at the AVEDA Institute is no exception.

I also like to set difficult yet realistic goals for the new year, to test myself and better myself as a person. In 2012, my goals are simple and straight forward.

I am very looking forward to graduating school in October. Also, passing my state board exam and getting my cosmetology license, and starting an amazing career in an AVEDA salon (hopefully)!

I believe that being a student at AVEDA has made me a better person even after a few short months. Being around so many people from different walks of life makes you look deeper into yourself, and evaluate your own life.

There is not enough thanks I could give to my fellow classmates and instructors, they truely are my inspiration for striving to be more successful.